I gave a talk at recent Cassandra meetup on the data structure that is conceptually used for Cassandras read/write path.  Having a solid understanding of this is something critical to debugging and creating an appropriate data model for Cassandra.  DataStax academy has a couple highly recommended courses that covers this in a lot more detail.  Something it […]

Guide to Thread Pools in Cassandra

This guide I wrote provides a description of the different thread pools and how to monitor them. Includes what to alert on, common issues and solutions.  The documentation for these hasn’t been available and took a bit of digging in the source.

Pan/Tilt Water Gun

As a wireless sprinkler head, cat deterrent or just randomness I threw this together for fun. Controlled with an arduino over a xbee via custom serial protocol. Can shoot, set the pan/tilt angles and beep with a speaker (beneath breadboard). Be fun to try to carry on an airplane if nothing else